Automated Manufacturing

Case Studies and ROI's

CAD Integration Automatic Nesting
2D to 3D development Common line cutting
SolidWorks Tabbing
SolidEdge Rapiding with head down
AutoCAD Inventor Sequencing of nests
Pro-E Skeleton cutting
Tekla Lead-ins, Bubble Edge Starts
SDS2 Nesting on Inventory
FABTROL Load unload interfaces
Special CAD Integration Beveling
PDF, Raster, TIFF, GIF, etc. Plasma, Gas, Laser
CNC Reverse Posted code Laser, waterjet, etc.
CAM Geo File Interfaces Quoting of Jobs
Bysoft, Cinsoft, MTC, Lantec, Material & Machine Costing
Metamations, Sigmanest, Reports
Tops, etc Bi-directional data transfer
CAD File Types ERP Integrators
DXF, DWG, CADL, CadMan, Laser Quote
Cadra, DSTV, NC1, KSS, IGES, Global, Job Boss, Plex,
Jetcam, ME10, Etc. Stratix, Vantage, Visual



Intelligent Automatic Nesting

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