PEP CAD Basics

Measurement Masters, Inc.  One Technology Dr. Suite D-401  Irvine, CA 92618 Corporate: (949) 753-7878 Fax: (949) 753-8585 E-mail: WHAT ARE SOFTWARE CONCEPTS AND WHY ARE THEY IMPORTANT A change has been underway in the software industry since 2010 to change the interface of CAD and CAM products. Read what Neil Cooke, Product Marketing Manager for Solidworks wrote in 2012: The SolidWorks Script Interface SolidWorks created a youtube video in 2012 to explain why it was necessary to change their Icon interface to a Script interface and how customers benefitted. You can watch the video by clicking on the link. (10 minutes ). In the video SolidWorks Product Marketing Manager Neil Cooke shows the SCRIPT interface and explains the benefits to Scripts over Icon. TIME = MONEY Neil explains that SolidWorks made the change for many reasons; the most telling is that it takes to much time to create a part using an Icon interface. Neil also explains the icon approach has a lengthy training and learning curve. Stating the icon approach requires the user learn the entire software, and once you learn it the software becomes slow because it is difficult to recall where the mouse clicks are. HIGHLIGHTS OF THE NEW SOLIDWORKS INTERFACE…. BY NEIL COOKE LEARN FASTER, DEPLOY FASTER, STREAM LINE TASKS, WORK FASTER  Faster programming  Easier to learn  A big work area.  A nice big text description  Finding commands is easier  Short cut bars display only the icons that you might need to do a task  Automatic filtering of the menu on the left by the SW Property Manager  Automatic suggestions that control the behavior showing only what makes sense  Automatic suggestions like make entities horizontal As SolidWorks user know, THE SOLIDWORKS software as great as it is still has lots of Icons ! PEP agrees with Neil! The list of script GUI benefits looks like Neil is describing the….PEP 100% Menu driven interface.