PEP Shear Genius Application

The PEP Technology Shear Genius® Application is the world leader in automated CAD/CAM solutions based on integrated punching and right angle shearing strategies, automatic loading and finished part sorting and component exit. Automatic Part Processing • Inkjet Part Printing • Optimized Tool Assign Strategies • Automatic Right Side Sheet Trim • Automated Shear Assignment • Intelligent Last Part Sizing • Intelligent Part and Scrap Sorting • Automated Clamp Positioning • Automatic Work Zone Repositioning • Automatic Tool Sequencing • Post Processing NC, FMS, PRN Information Technology Solutions PEP Technology © Right Angle Shear (RAS) Automation • Automatic or Interactive Right Angle Shear (RAS) assignment. • Automatic Scrap height and length sizing in both X & Y • Automatic Last Part Sizing • Automatic Sheet Edge Shearing overcuts at bottom and right sides • Automatic Partial Sheet detection and Remnant creation Intelligent Work Zone and Clamp Repositioning • Individual work zones for Punching, Right Angle Shearing and Inkjet Printing • Automatic Clamp Positioning and Repositioning • 3 and 4 automated sheet clamping support with defined Safety Zones Automatic Tool Sequencing Strategies • Automatic punch, shear and print sequencing by tool type and individual hits. • User definable bin number assignment by part rotation and scrap. Automat ic Part Processing Supports all major CAD formats PDF Conversion Interactive or Fully Automatic Intelligent Automatic Nesting Work Zone Repositioning Automatic Sequencing Tool Path Simulation Reports Job Costing Machine Scheduling Inventory WIP /ERP Integration Shop Floor Data Collection Fast Tool Setup Master Libraries, Lists & Sets Automatic Selection of Tools Geometric Pattern Recognition Optimized Tooling Strategies Automatic or Interactive Tooling Forming, Stamping & Printing Special Tooling Support Automatic Clearing Smart Tabbing with Special Tools Virtual Multi-Tool Station Support Smart Tool Station Safety Zones MRP/ERP Connectivi ty 100% Real Time 100% Accurate 100% Seamless Interaction 100% Bi-directional data transfer PEP Prima Power Shear Genius ® Application SGe 5 / SGe 6 / SGe 8 PEP Technology © The Automatic CAD / CAM / ERP Software Phone: (949) 753-7878 Fax: (949) 753-8585 Postal address: One Technology Drive, Suite D-401 Irvine, CA 92618