500% Increase In Bevel Throughput

P.E.P. TECHNOLOGY © BEVEL SUCCESS STORY Measurement Masters, Inc. • One Technology Drive D401 • Irvine, CA 92618 Corporate: (949) 753-7878 Fax: (949) 753-8585 E-mail: Sales@peptechnology.com The part in this document was cut by numerous companies trying to bid on the job. Many of the companies sent us their pictures asking for our help with the job. What impressed us was how crummy the finished parts were when compared to P.E.P.’s results. The company that got the contract purchased the P.E.P.’s Bevel software and agreed to share the photos below as part of a success story. Army Project Original Method Laser Cut Blanks 1.5 hrs Robotic Bevel edges 2 hrs Hand Grind 6 hrs Total time for 30 parts 9.5hrs PEP Bevel Approach Plasma Bevel 30 parts 1.6 hrs SAVINGS 7.9hrs OR In the same time it previously took to process 30 parts they can now process 178 parts. 500% INCREASE IN PRODUCTIVITY!