Automatic Nesting with Mirrored Parts

As shown in the nest on the right, 30 more parts per sheet went down by mirroring the original part. This is a 40% increase in material utilization. Without Mirror / 74 parts With Mirror / 104 parts Setting of the nesting parameters Automatic Nesting with Bullet and or Wip will display the parameters fields shown below. Entering Y in field #41 will automatically check for the mirror image of all parts. If the analyzing results in more parts going down then the mirrored image is saved as a P.E.P. drawing and the nest accepted. Entering Y in fields #41 and 42 will result in the software checking the drawing database before attempting to nest the part with the mirrored image. Parts that have been mirrored are saved to the nest and the drawing directory with the notation that the part is the mirrored image of the original part.