Intelligent Automatic Nesting

INTELLIGENT AUTOMATIC NESTING The keys to unlocking profits with lasers, plasma, gas, waterjet and combo machines can be found in P.E.P.’s automation. As with any lock, the user must have the right key to gain access. P.E.P.’s 30 plus years of writing CAD/CAM software with seamless database technology, amazing intelligence and intuitive menus allow sales, engineering and programming departments to do 5 times the amount of work they would otherwise be able to do with any other CAD/CAM product. The proof. The parts in the picture below are three inches thick and nested at .375” spacing. The nest is so tight it looks like a laser nest. The company that cut this nest with 8 oxy torches used their existing equipment and personnel, and saved $4,000.00 / plate by using P.E.P.’s automated nesting and CPT technology to cut the nest. Please take a close look at the picture to see if you can spot how P.E.P. has dissipated the heat .