Job Scheduling Software

Measurement Masters, Inc. • One Technology Drive D401 • Irvine, CA 92618 Corporate: (949) 753-7878 Fax: (949) 753-8585 E-mail: SCREEN DESIGN - Starting from the top of the screen: The Material Chart lists the material types that have been nested and are waiting to be cut. The Bar Graph shows the nests scheduled to be cut, plate by plate, cross referenced by color to the material chart. The PREVIEW window displays the selected nest graphically. The Nest Directory displays the information about the selected nest and the preceding and following nests. The Main Menu displays menu options that will filter and or display additional information about the nests. FEATURES and BENEFITS # Material Chart Description / Operation / Benefit Material Description Only materials to be cut are displayed on the chart Material Color Each nest on the machine chart is cross referenced to the material chart color Light Blue Outline Highlights the material type as the user moves from nest to nest on the machine chart Check box Clicking anywhere on a material description will put a check mark in the box to the left of the material indicating and instantly filter Machine Schedule so that only marked materials are displayed. Multiple materials can be checked and displayed on the Machine Schedule. All non checked materials are set to a clear color. Clicking on a material a second time un-checks the material. If no material is checked then all plates return to their appropriate color. Machine Schedule Operational hours The number of hours that the shop operates – user definable Day of the week The days of the week and the date Total hours of cutting The hour scale can be toggled between total hours scheduled and the operating hours per day Machine description Lists the machines available to be scheduled H/D Hours per day – less breaks ( 8 hours less two 15 min. breaks should be entered as 7.5 ) D/W Days per week Bar Graph Displays each nest in the order it will be cut and in the color of the material shown on the Material Chart Mouse Cursor Placing the mouse cursor over a nest will display the nest name, material, due date, cut time & remnant Left Mouse Click Turns on PREVIEW, displaying the actual nest Left Mouse HOLD Click and Drag – Allows the user to reschedule a nest within a machine and or move a nest from one machine to another machine Arrow keys Move the cursor left, right, up and down on the machine schedule. If the preview screen is ON the picture of the nests are updated as the cursor is moved. Menu Selections Screen Setup The user can edit the machine parameters for hours of operation and timing information: H/D Hours per day D/W Days per week Machine Calibration – timing variables used in calculating the differences between shifts and machines L...Late Inserts a separate bar graph for each machine listing the plates that are going to be late. R..Remnant Inserts a separate bar graph for each machine displaying the scheduled nests that have a remnants. T..Time Available Displays the amount of machine time available at the beginning of each day.