Job Scheduling Software

© The P.E.P. AUTOMATIC JOB SCHEDULING SOFTWARE Measurement Masters, Inc. • One Technology Drive D401 • Irvine, CA 92618 Corporate: (949) 753-7878 Fax: (949) 753-8585 E-mail: The P.E.P. Automatic Job Scheduling Software allows the user to Plan, Schedule, Track and Report everything related to the cutting of parts “prior to” and “after” nesting in REAL TIME. The database design works seamlessly with the P.E.P. WIP software extracting the initial work order data in MRP, ERP and Excel files automatically, and continually updates the database automatically as work orders are nested in real time. There is NO manual data entry required to update the machine or work order status. In addition to being blindingly fast, another benefit of the software is the automatic checking that ensures that part quantities, revisions, material type and due dates are not compromised. The screen below is the graphic interface used by the operator to display the status and information about the work in process of jobs. The six arrows on the screen above point out the simultaneous interaction taking place as the user interacts: 1) When selecting a nest from the bar chart or the nest directory using the mouse or keyboard, the PREVIEW window on the right will display the selected nest GRAPHICALLY! 2) The selected plate’s material “TYPE” in the material list at the top of the screen is outlined in blue. 3) The nest name, due date, cut time, etc. is displayed in the rectangular box below the selected plate. 4) When a nest is selected from the bar chart the nest directory scrolls, highlighting the appropriate nest and other pertinent information about the nest. 5) The PREVIEW window displays the highlighted nest as the user arrows side to side and up and down. 6) The Machine Scheduling Menu selections such as Find, Late Jobs, Remnant and Time Available toggle on and off additional bar graphs about the machine schedule. An example of how a nested drawing can be found appears on the last page of this document.