Beveling - 5 Axis Solid graphics Beveling

P.E.P. TECHNOLOGY © 5 AXIS BEVELING SOFTWARE Measurement Masters, Inc. • One Technology Drive D401 • Irvine, CA 92618 Corporate: (949) 753-7878 Fax: (949) 753-8585 E-mail: The FASTEST….EASIEST.…SOLID GRAPHICS BEVELING SOFTWARE with INSTANT 3D VERIFICATION The P.E.P. Beveling software allows the user to mark selected geometry on a 2D flat drawing and see the actual 3D finished cutter path in seconds. The process below of creating the finished cutter path takes 20 seconds. FROM THIS : TO THIS: ACTUAL SCREENS ( this is NOT animated) The enlarged views below show the transition output by the P.E.P. BEVELING software in 3D.