P.E.P. vs. Hypertherm MTC Gas Benchmark

ONE TECHNOLOGY DRI VE • SUI TE D - 401 • I RVI NE , CA 92618 • 949 -753 -7878 • WWW. PEP TECHNOLOGY .COM P.E.P.’s Perfect Part Cutting Technology P.E.P.’s cutting technology cuts perfect parts on old and new cutting machines regardless of the CNC control. The following is a partial list of CNC machines that P.E.P. supports. CNC’s - Edge Pro, Edge II, Micro Edge, Voyager II, Burny, MG Global, etc. MFR’S - MG, ESAB, KOIKE, Pinnacle, Hypertherm, etc. GAS CUTTING BENCHMARK ½” Hole in ¾” Plate The holes cut with P.E.P. were far superior to the MTC cut quality shown in the pictures taken below. 2007 P.E.P. Hole 2010 P.E.P. Hole 2010 MTC Hole Cut at Chapin & Bangs on 2007 Hi def Hypertherm Micro Edge control Cut at Infra Tampa on 15 year old machine Cut at Infra Tampa on 15 year old machine