Punch Application Features

THE PEP PUNCH SOFTWARE PEP’s ONE CLICK Punch Technology is Magic! PEP PUNCH The PEP Technology Punch Software has been written in its entirety in-house by the PEP Technology staff. The PEP software does NOT use any 3 rd party applications such as Automatic Nesting Engines, Tooling Engines, Cornels, etc.. PEP AUTOMATICALLY Converts, Nests, Tools, Repositions, Sequences tool hits, Posts and generates a quote. HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PUNCH PROGRAM • Master Tool Library, Tool Sets and Tool Lists • Fully Automatic (Lights Out), Semi Auto and Manual Modes • Automatic Selection of Tools • Automatic Tooling Solutions with Geometric Pattern Recognition • Automatic Tool Indexing & Fixed Key Angle Tooling Support • Automatic Special Tooling Support • Automatic Radius Tooling Support • Special Cluster & Gang Tooling Support • Multi-Tool Station Support • Automatic Clearing & Roughing Support • Forming, Stamping, Drilling & Tapping Support • Automatic Tab Placement • Special Tabbing Tooling Support • Automatic Tool Priority Sequencing by Type or Classification • Automatic Tool Path Sequencing & Optimization • Automatic Tool Hit Combine & Joining Support • Automatic & Interactive Repositioning Support • Automatic & Interactive Work Clamp Placement • Flip or Rotate Oversize Sheet Support • Trap Door & Part Ejection Support • Automatic Single Part Punching • Automatic Common Edge Punching • Shear to Size or Blank Nesting Support • Automatic Nesting Around or Beneath the Clamps Support • Tool Station Safety / Dead Zone Support • Tool Nibble Scallop Control • Automatic Interference and Un-Tooled Geometry Checking • Tool-Path Simulation • Extensive Process Timing and Machine Setup Reports