Wide Skeletons

Measurement Masters, Inc. • One Technology Dr. Suite D-401 • Irvine, CA 92618 Corporate: (949) 753-7878 Fax: (949) 753-8585 E-mail: info@peptechnology.com SKELETON CUTTING WITH BAND TECHNOLOGY PEP Nest with Band Technology FEATURES / BENEFITS FULLY AUTOMATIC Increased scrap value of skeleton Horizontal & Vertical slicing Fewest number of pierces Shortest cutter path Faster cutting of the skeleton Fewer contact points hold skeleton User definable sections (WxL) User defined BAND size Easy skeleton removal Safest removal of skeletons ENLARGED VIEW BAND CUTTING vs NO SKELETON CUTTING INDEX / EXPLANATION Thin black lines are the edges of the band. Red thin line is the center line of band. Black THICK lines represent the cuts when using a fixed horizontal and vertical cuts. Red THICK lines represent the actual cuts necessary to cut the section.