Rotary Chuck

P.E.P. TECHNOLOGY © CAD/CAM SOFTWARE Measurement Masters, Inc. 711 West 17 th Street, Building E-11 • Costa Mesa, CA 92627 Corporate: (949) 631-6950 Fax: (949) 631-6953 E-mail: ROTARY CHUCK The following pages describe just some of the rotary software capabilities. What is not shown is how simple it is to cut objects of any shape multiple times around the tube whether it be a spiral or grid format. ROUND TUBE STOCK Intersection with a plane: (Figure 1) The program can slice a round tube with a plane that is at any angle other than 0 ° . Any intersection that occurs at the end of the round tube is also allowed. Before slicing the tube, the user is prompted to choose which side is to be the finished cut. The finished side can be placed on a table and will lie completely flat, whereas the other side will rock when the plane is at any angle other than 90 ° . This rocking becomes more noticeable as the thickness of the wall of the tube gets larger.